The following apps and websites are built on top of the CitySDK LD API. Have a look at the available data sets and API documentation to see how to use API data in your own application.

All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands

Map showing all 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands, shaded according to their year of construction.

Agricultural land use in the Netherlands

Interactive map, made for an installation on an exhibition on Sicco Mansholt, European Agricultural policy and its influence on land use.

Parking Widget Amsterdam

This widget gives travellers to Amsterdam insight in the associated travel time and costs for the last mile to destination for different parking options in the city.

Parking API Amsterdam

This API will return costs and recommendations for visiting any destination in Amsterdam.

Source Code for Parking API Amsterdam

Source code on GitHub for Parking API.

City Navigator

HSL Navigator is a fully open-source service based solely on open data.

Tree Spotter

Mobile app which shows details about trees in Dutch cities, for iOS and Android.

Verbeter de Buurt

Apps like Verbeter de Buurt and Buurt Vitaal generate data for the CitySDK LD API by collecting citizen reports and publicizing these via an Open311 interface.

Penalty Radar

Penalty Radar shows speeds on Dutch highways, and calculates the fines that could have been collected by police.