CitySDK Linked Data API

An API for the distribution and annotation of open data, for small cities and big metropolitan areas. With the CitySDK Linked Data API, a city has a simple-to-use interface to all its data — it makes city services easier to implement, data easier to distribute, and applications easier to build, and works for both real-time and static data sets.

This website contains information about the CitySDK Linked Data API and the datasets available in the Amsterdam instance of the API, hosted by Waag Society. The CitySDK LD API is an open source project, and easy to install in any city, read the docs to see how!

Explore available data sets

How to join?

Would your city like to open up its data and services to a big European developer community by joining CitySDK? Get in touch with the owners of this endpoint or the project management of CitySDK at Forum Virium Helsinki.

Project CitySDK

The CitySDK Linked Data API is part of CitySDK, a European Union project. CitySDK is a toolkit for the development of digital services within cities. With open and interoperable digital service interfaces, CitySDK enables a more efficient utilisation of the expertise and know-how of developer communities.

See the CitySDK project website for a comprehensive overview of the complete CitySDK toolkit.

CitySDK APIs in other cities

The map below shows the European cities in which the CitySDK Linked Data API and the other CitySDK APIs are currently deployed — click on a CitySDK city for details about the city’s APIs.